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Sponsor a Child in the UK - A Happy Childhood is the Best Gift You Can Give

By sponsoring a child you can give hope and renew dreams for a child in the UK. Child sponsorship makes a difference - change a life today, your donations can give children in need, the hope they deserve. What is hope? What does it mean to give hope? Imagine you fell down a deep well, at the top is moonlight, sunlight, rain coming down, wind and that you're stuck at the bottom. Never getting out. Then you hear a voice. That's hope. Hope of getting out of an impossible situation but thanks to some unknown stranger, hope is about to work in your favour.

Hope can save a life, hope can help children in need in so many ways and it all starts here with at CWDCouncil.org.uk. Why? Because we have found a unique way in motivating people like you to part with your hard earned and really get involved and show you that giving is good. Charities have been after your money for decades, when will it stop? Quite frankly, probably not in our life time as the needs of these children are so great. Abusive situations, not enough food to eat and child poverty, children as young as ten working as young carers and helping family members.

Then there's the children who need to be moved out of bad environment and into foster care through no fault of their own. So where's the motivation? Well if the stories and tales don't pull at the heart strings and make you think, then why not consider a charitable donation towards child sponsorship? It's a unique way to receive feedback from the project work or child themselves, online anonymously though a personalised website when you sponsor a child. You can actually find out how your money is helping a child on a personal level. For us at CWDCouncil.org.uk there is no greater motivation than knowing money is having a real life effect and that although the money is spent in an instant, that the effect can last a lifetime and give a child their childhood back.

Sponsorship Update: April 2015 – Kind thanks to the team at Defcon Airsoft UK who have donated £400!

Sponsorship Update: August 2014 – Thanks to the staff at Courier-Insurance.co.uk who have helped raise £872.42!

Child Sponsorship & Welfare Development Council

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