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Sponsor a Child Now

Giving to charity is a mood dependent action and each and every person reacts differently to circumstances and situations. Which is why it can very difficult for a charity to raise money outside of tragic events or personal dilemmas. Thought it is hopes that our charity partner has found a way to tempt you into a charitable sponsorship. By way of child sponsorship, the charity is providing you with the ability to become more engaged with the child's life.

When looking for donations or trying to make aware the plight and poverty of children in the UK. It's a toss up between pulling on the heart strings to create an emotional donation or give you something back. With Barnardos child sponsorship campaign you can be indirectly involved in the child's life. While you can sponsor a child anonymously, you can effect their lives greatly. That child will actually know someone out there cares about them.

Charity - Every Donation Helps

Until the point where you made a creative decision to sponsor a child, the only person that child knew could help them, was the project worker at Barnardos, everyone else had let that child down. Whatever their history so far in life, in poverty or homelessness, parents died and an orphan, suffered violent or sexual abuse, born with a disability or struggling in school, your financial gift once a month could help turn that child's life around.

Imagine - and it is difficult to do so, that you have no friends as you're bullied at school. You live in a care home, an institution. You've just fled your fifth foster home or you're finding it difficult to settle. Try to imagine what your child sponsorship donation could provide in the way of hope to a seven, eight or nine year old. That a total stranger somewhere in the UK cares enough about another young human being to support them for a duration and put someone totally unknown to them and keep that child in mind for several months or longer.

That's what a charitable child sponsorship can evoke. The emotions of sponsoring a child need not be great, but to the person receiving the help and support of the charity, they will never forget the experience and you shouldn't either!

We Thank You For Your Support

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